Saturday, November 3, 2012


Halloween is not one of my favorite holidays, but I always try to send the grandkids a card with a treat inside. I try to create cards that have a fun theme to them. These are the cards that I made this year. Each card had a small envelope inside with a treat (a few dollars that they can use as they want). Two grandkids live 200 miles away and three live 300 miles away. Grandpa wanted to help so he came up with a "joke" for each card.

1. Why do spiders like computers? 

 2. Why don’t witches wear a flat hat? 
3. How fast can Ebony fly on his broom?
(Ebony is the name of our long-haired dachshund.)
4. What is the favorite dessert of these
Jack O’ Lanterns?
The answers--
1. They can use them to get on the Web!
2. Because there would be no point to it.
3. At the speed of hound!
4.  Boo-Berry Pie!

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