Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Summer of -----

Summer is almost over. The blog posts got put aside. Not sure why. I guess things just happen sometimes. I also think I just needed a break from my paper crafting. It seems at this time of year my interest turns to another craft that I also love and that is "quilting". It started by making my granddaughter's graduation quilt. Then it turned to placemats, table runners, and quilt tops that will be finished and then donated to the Allegiance Hospice House here in Jackson. In this post I am including a few pictures of a few of the projects.

Here are pictures of two quilt tops I made for the Hospice House. I saw a picture on Pinterest. It really intrigued me. As I studied the picture, I said to myself "I can do this". I made a table runner and fell in love with the pattern. I have searched and searched for the name of the block but have not found it yet. In the third picture down, I outlined the block.

Fabric Boxes

This past week, I made several fabric boxes. Again, I found a pattern on Pinterest. These are so much fun. It is an ideal pattern for all those fun fabrics that seem to never get used.

Added a couple of mug rugs with this box.