Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Where Do You Find Inspiration?

A couple of weeks ago, as Judie and I were looking around Cracker Barrel's store after breakfast, I came across this wooden plaque. It caught my attention instantly. It looked like it was made from barn wood with white flowers in the shape of a heart. In the lower right corner was one word -- Love. I knew that I had to try making a card using that plaque as my inspiration.

When I started to make my card, I didn't have the picture. So I was doing it from memory. I chose Smoky Slate card stock for my card base. The front panel is also Smoky Slate card stock stamped with Smoky Slate ink. I drew a circle and placed the flowers on my card. It looked like it needed something, so I started adding sprigs of green. When it was all together, I felt that the circle was too big so I started over.

This time I made my circle smaller. I glued the sprigs of green down and then added flowers that had been sponged around the edges with pink ink. I punched a small circle out of pink card stock, shaped it by pushing a stylus down into the center, and glued it in the center of the flower. After all the glue was dry, I went back and added a dot of pink Stickles into the very center of each flower. Finally, I added the word "Love" to the lower right corner. I loved the end result. Just wanted to share it with my friends.


  1. I actually like both of them a lot. In the first one I would put one word, such as 'love'. in the center of the wreath.

    1. Cool idea. I will have to give it a try.