Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentines for the Grandkids

My grandkids are getting older. Four of the five are teenagers. I find it harder and harder to make cards like valentines for them. I want them to be fun but not too childish. So I always struggle with what to make. These are the cards that I made for 2014.

Maddie, the youngest, got so excited last year when we went to the Newport Aquarium in Cincinnati, Ohio. She loved the penguins. I thought of the SU set called "Zoo Review". A friend loaned me her stamp set and I got to work. Also, the cold, cold weather made these animals seem very appropriate. I hope that the cards will make the kids smile.

For the two boys

Inside of the above card

For the Girls

Each one turned out just a little bit different

The inside of the girls' cards

The envelope

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