Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lost--Now Found

It seems I am always losing something. I was working on a card just before Easter. I got the card base finished and then I could not find the focal image that I had made. I kept telling myself, "It was right here just a moment ago." But it was gone. Looked in the waste basket. Not there. Looked on the floor. Not there. So I laid the card aside... It will show up--I hope. Days went by. Still I did not find my flower. It was so pretty.

Then one day when I was cleaning up my work space, there it was. It had gotten turned over and all I could see was the black (back) side of the rectangle. Thus the title "Lost--Now Found". The lily stamp is from "Our Daily Bread Designs".


  1. That is so funny. I do that all the time. Surely it has nothing to do with age, but must have something to do with creative genius. Ha!

  2. I agree it's creative genius causing us to loose things that are right before our eyes and I do it often!
    Well, maybe it took a while but your card turned out nice and it'll be there for next Easter...if you don't missplace it!

  3. Such a pretty card. Love the focal image, and that band of pink really set it off.